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Complete file compresser/decompresser


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The main compression/decompression programs out there, as everyone knows, are Winzip and Winrar. Still, there are plenty of other tools available that often outperform their more popular cousins, like the following.

PowerArchiver is a compression/decompression utility for Windows that, learning from other similar tools, incorporates a good amount of features that make it equal in function and performance to the main file compressors out there.

It has a well thought-out interface that makes using the program quite pleasant. The inclusion of plenty of features make it so that you'll never have to use another program.

PowerArchiver supports all main compression formats, like ZIP, 7-Zip, CAB, GZIP, BZIP2, RAR, ACE, and ISO; and it barely consumes any memory, making it a great utility that's well worth your time to try out.

30-day trial.

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